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Is your business meeting its growth targets?

The fourth industrial revolution is creating as many challenges as it is opportunities for existing businesses and industries.  Organisations are being challenged by new business models, new ways of working and new technologies that are enabling organisations to accelerate their business cycles, obtain greater insight from their data and create new products and services.

If you associate with the 'revenue over time' graph to the right then contact us to help you identify what is not working in the execution of your growth strategies.

Revenue over time

Actual Results

Growth Strategies



Our Services

Blue Wyrm consultants can assist you to identify and resolve those issues or inhibitors of your business growth.  Do you associate with any of the challenges below?

Sales Insight Assessment

Spent a fortune on sales training and still not seeing the expected results? Let us assess all aspects of your sales process to identify what's working and what's not.

Sales Strategy - Major Pursuits

Are you chasing large multimillion dollar 
opportunities? Need to bolster your team and challenge their thinking for that 'must win' deal?

Sales Planning

Missing your sales targets year on year? Are your teams sales plans lacking substance and rigour and failing to deliver the results you are expecting?

Sales Coaching

How do your win rates compare verse the competition?  Are your sales team exceeding their targets?

Client Engagement Services

Need help responding to customer enquiries or managing appointments? Are your customers satisfied with your responsiveness?

Vendor Management Consulting

Are you getting the most out of your strategic partnerships?  Is there tension in the relationship that is undermining your expected performance 

Digital IT Operating Model design

Are the cycle times in your business inhibiting your success? Are your competitors launching new products and services multiple times faster than your product teams?

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