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About Us

We are a small Australian business that seeks to provide greater value into client – service provider relationships. More and more business operate and rely on external third party suppliers to provide products and services that enhance the value that they can bring to their clients.


Importantly these relationships are evolving with the advent of new technologies (automation, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, micro services etc) and new ways of working (DevOps, Agile, ‘Gig’ based engagements, flexible working etc).  The capabilities of clients, suppliers and technology are often evolving and maturing at different rates and this can create tension in relationships.


We bring a unique perspective from operating in senior roles on both sides of the client-service provider relationship and are able to bring this experience and insights to assisting our clients to better operate in this evolving ‘digital’ landscape.

Our Vision

To be a recognised leader in the development and enablement of partnering strategies for mutual client-service provider benefit.

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'The Garage' - the Birthplace of the Silicon Valley

Our Commitment and Values

  • Collaborate – we create value with our clients, not for our clients, to ensure the outcomes we help enable are sustainable and meaningful;

  • Engage with Passion – we believe that people with passion are those that can change the world. We bring energy, a positive attitude, a desire to exceed your expectations and deliver outstanding results!

  • Make a difference – we bring a focus on improving the experiences and outcomes of our clients, their customers and employees, our employees and ourselves.

  • Act with Integrity – we are open, honest, ethical and fair in our engagements and we seek to create value for our clients that is both meaningful and impactful.


Whether you are the procurer or provider of services, Bluewyrm can provide you with skills, capabilities and experience to assist you to extract the maximum value out of your external service provider engagements.

Our Location

Headquartered in the Gold Coast Queensland, we are active in all states and territories in Australia.

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